Our CPA pricing model enables advertisers to pay only for actual leads or sales received on campaigns rather than flat-rate marketing fees. Advertisers are able to allocate their marketing budgets to specific, real-time, measurable results.Our CPC pricing model enables advertisers to secure immediate traffic while utilizing our granular targeting capabilities to target their most desirable consumers.Real time, value-based pricing results in Zero Risk and Higher Returns.


No two advertisers are the same. Each has brand- and industry-specific needs, especially in the affiliate channel. Legacy networks, however, provide a “one-size-fits-all” approach which fails to recognize these differences.


The platform is both flexible and powerful. It is engineered to meet the distinctive needs of multiple industries and business models, from retail to travel to financial services

Lead Generation

Track leads generated from your marketing efforts in our robust platform. Onboard affiliates quickly with our electronic insertion orders and pay them per lead generated with our automated payment processing.